Welcome “Anonymous Coward”

hack.quaxio.com is a server hosting a series of computer security challenges. These challenges are open to everybody, and cover various topics: (reverse engineering, cryptography, discovering logic errors, etc.) as well as various platforms (web, mobile, etc.).

They are meant to be a fun way to learn and practice computer security concepts. The goal of each challenge is to discover a "key", which you can then validate on this site. You will earn a badge for each puzzle you validate correctly. Your badges will be available on your Facebook timeline.

Feel free to solve these puzzles in any order. Each one's difficulty level is indicated.

To get started, you can browse the challenges. If you want to validate a challenge, you will need to connect using Facebook.

Important note:
You are expected to only interact with hack.quaxio.com (i.e. this server). You will never be asked to access any other server, and it might be illegal for you to do so.